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Course Fees Outstanding Policy

Course fees are required to be paid in full on or before the agreed/scheduled training date (unless otherwise agreed). If course fees are not paid in full, HRWS reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course/s.

For any course fees outstanding, after the agreed accounts payable term, a 10% fee compounded for every week overdue will be applied.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 7 days of the agreed/scheduled/confirmed training date are non-refundable

(exceptional circumstances considered).

Cancellations made prior to the 7 day agreed/scheduled/confirmed training date can be, where possible, moved to the next suitable date or you may substitute another person who meets the course eligibility criteria in place of the original participant.

If the employer and/or individual who booked the course (and has confirmed attendance of any course by email reply) is a no show the full course amount will be invoiced to the employer or individual.

If HRWS is unable to provide, has to postpone or cancel any scheduled training, a full refund of fees paid relating to the cancellation will be made or an alternative course date will be provided.

Reassessment policy

If the participant fails to submit their Worksafe interim Licence (notifcation of assessment/ASIL) in the required timeframe of 60 days and/or the participant is required to undertake a second or third Worksafe exam (ie not yet competent), a $200.00 reassessment fee will be incurred.

Complaints Policy

High Risk Work Solution's clients and/or any participants are encouraged to make immediate comment on any areas of concern that they have or opportunities for improvement that they identify through their participation in training and assessment at High Risk Work Solutions. This may include appealing assessment decisions or processes involved in our services. The emphasis will always be on resolving any concerns to the satisfaction of the client/student.

The High Risk Work Solutions Complaints, Appeals and Opportunity for Improvement procedure is summarised below:

1. In the first instance, the client and/or the participant is encouraged to discuss the complaint, appeal or opportunity with the High Risk Work Solutions staff member involved in the matter. If the matter can not be resolved, then:


2. The client and/or participant is requested to document the nature of the complaint, appeal or opportunity. The client or participant will be encouraged to discuss the matter with a High Risk Work Solutions staff member who has not previously been involved in the matter.

If the matter still can not be resolved, then:

 3. An appropriate legal or independently impartial conciliation organisation will be invited to provide advice and to support a resolution. Examples of such organisations may include the RTO who offered the qualification or another RTO and/or the relevant Industry Skills Council.

Note: The cost of responding to complaints, appeals or opportunities, after Stage 2 in the process as above, shall be borne by High Risk Work Solutions and/or the client and/or the participant as determined by the independent organisation.

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