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Verification of Competency and Familiarisation Training

A Verification of Competency (VOC) is an assessment of a workers knowledge and practical skill. The process helps a PCBU (or employer) meet their obligations under The WHS ACT to ensure its workers or sub contractors are competent to perform a task or operate plant and/or equipment safely in or at a workplace.

VOC’s are generally conducted on persons who already hold a current licence or unit of competency to verify that they are competent to operate a particular make and model of plant or equipment. Persons undertaking a VOC must provide evidence of their existing competency. 

Our VOCs are tailored to suit specific site hazards and site policies.

Scissor Lift, Vertical Lift, Trailer Lift


EWP (under 11m boom length)

EWP (11m plus boom length)


Basic and Intermediate Rigging

Basic and Intermediate Scaffolding

Vehicle Loading Crane

Non Slewing mobile Crane, 3t plus

Slewing Mobile Crane, up to 20t

Slewing Mobile Crane, up to 60t

Slewing Mobile Crane, up to 100t

Slewing Mobile Crane, over 100t

Tower Crane

Bridge and Gantry Crane

Boom Portal Crane

Personnel and Materials Hoist





Front end Loader

Skid Steer




Articulated Haul Truck

Backhoe Loader


Load/Unload Plant

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