Verification of Competency and Familiarisation training

A Verification of Competency (VOC) is an assessment of a workers knowledge and practical skill. The process helps a PCBU (or employer) meet their obligations under The WHS ACT to ensure its workers or sub contractors are competent to perform a task or operate plant and/or equipment safely in or at a workplace.

VOC’s are generally conducted on persons who already hold a current licence or unit of competency to verify that they are competent to operate a particular make and model of plant or equipment. Persons undertaking a VOC must provide evidence of their existing competency. 

Our VOCs are tailored to suit specific site hazards and site policies.

  • Scissor Lift, Vertical Lift, Trailer Lift

  • Forklift

  • EWP (under 11m boom length)

  • EWP (11m plus boom length)

  • Dogging

  • Basic and Intermediate Rigging

  • Basic and Intermediate Scaffolding

  • Vehicle Loading Crane

  • Non Slewing mobile Crane, 3t plus

  • Slewing mobile Crane, up to 20t

  • Slewing mobile Crane, up to 60t

  • Slewing mobile Crane, up to 100t

  • Slewing mobile Crane, over 100t

  • Tower Crane

  • Personnel and Materials Hoist



  • Telehandler 

  • Excavator

  • Front end Loader

  • Skid Steer

  • Roller 

  • Scaper

  • Grader

  • Articulated Haul Truck

  • Backhoe Loader

  • Dozer